A quick review from Steven from Akshone E-sports about the Pulselabz Guardian Series chair.

Size – 5/5

The guardian series is their biggest chair and is perfect fit for any gamer.

Assembly – 4.5/5

The direction to assemble is concise and easy to understand. You might need another pair of hands as it will be much easier and faster.

Materials – 5/5

The prime PU leather feels very smooth, and the padding foam is soft and gentle. By far this is the most comfortable gaming chair in the market.

Build Quality – 5/5

The build quality of the Guardian series is top notch especially with the reinforced steel frame and base. The large headrest is extremely comfortable and provides great support to your head.

Appearance – 5

The chair has an ergonomic design and a beautiful racing chair look. It looks and feels very sturdy and luxurious.