Standard features on every Pulselabz office chair

Cushioned 4D Armrest

Adjust the 4 directional armrests based on any task at hand.
6 cm cushioned padding on every armrest.

  1. Adjust upwards and downwards
  2. Adjust forward and backward
  3. Adjust left and right
  4. Swivel rotate inwards and outwards


Aluminum Reinforced Five Star Base

  • Reinforced metal grid increases the strength of the five-star base
  • Metal Construction provides aesthetics and durability


One Piece Custom Molded Foam

Our specialized cushioning is manufactured by pouring a high-density foam material into a custom mold.

  • High-density foam material will prevent deformation
  • The injected custom molded foam ensures uniform cushioning for the whole chair


Steel Frame Construction

Full steel construction with welded joints for added support


  • High tension elastic band for increased support.
  • Thicker diameter tubes used for increased strength

Headrest and Lumbar Pillows

All Pulselabz chairs include a headrest pillow and a lumbar pillow.

  • High-density foam pillow will keep its natural shape even after years of usage



Attention To Detail

Every Pulselabz chair is individually inspected before packaging. The attention to detail is showcased from the cushioning and leather down to the stitching of each Pulselabz chair.


10 Years Pulselabz Warranty

All Pulselabz Chairs are meticulously engineered and designed for professional gaming and office use.



Live Customer Support

The Pulselabz team believes in providing the best support to everyone we encounter. We always encourage and welcome any type questions and inquiries you may have about Pulselabz and products we carry!