Our Mission

Improving the standard of living for North Americans by providing affordable, high quality commercial-grade chairs for both office and household use.

About Us

PulseLabz is a Vancouver-based company, focused on providing an ergonomic solution to a present day society that spends the vast majority of time sitting in front of computers. Purely based on statistics, Americans are spending an average of 13 hours a day sitting. Clearly, as society continues to transition towards a technologically driven age, the need for better ergonomics are more evident than they have ever been in history.

This is where we can help. Our research has shown that the perfect chair is relatively universal among similar body types, and not a function of the task. This means that whether you are a student, a professional gamer looking for a long term solution for your team, or a large size corporation looking to upgrade your entire fleet of office chairs, our top of the line ergonomic chairs are a good fit for all settings.

So what differentiates our chairs from traditional office chairs? Unlike traditional office chairs, Pulselabz chairs offer full backrest support with our heightened backrest, a dedicated lumbar support cushion, and a range of extra functions such as our 4 Dimensional Armrest. The ergonomics are further complemented by stylish colors to fit the theme of your brand or office design. To finish off, we offer three different series uniquely designed for your specific need, based on your height and weight.

Our goal at PulseLabz is to ensure customer satisfaction, comfort, and overall experience, regardless of the size of your business. Please feel free to contact our staff with any inquiries you may have, whether you have a question about a individual chair purchase for yourself or are looking to get a negotiated rate for your fleet plan. Our promise to you is that:

– From the high-density foam backrest to the aluminum base, all PulseLabz chairs are manufactured with the best quality materials

– All customers are treated equally and will be given the attention and care of our staff